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Concessions & Extras

        Concessions, Tattoos, Spin Art, Pony Hops, Hair Wraps
Rental rates include a full day of use and all supplies needed for 35 servings. 
Additional supplies are available for purchase. 

Bubble Machine      $40.00

     comes with 9oz of bubble juice 

State Fair Mini Donuts

An incredible fundraising idea.  They will keep coming back for more of these hot, delicious snacks.  You can't eat just one,...or two,....or three....

$200.00, includes machine and 420 donuts

$100.00 extra 420 donuts


Spin Art

A new twist on an old favorite!  Two people get to make spin art cards or frisbees at the same time.  The cards come with frames with stands to give the project a truly "finished" look.  Frisbees are fun to make and use and are great take home gifts for the guests!

Double Spin Art Machine with Cards:
$60.00  Includes 50 cards and frames

Double Spin Art Machine with Frisbees:
$80.00  Includes 30 frisbees


Pop Corn Machine      $60.00

   additional supplies, 35 servings includes bags   $20.00 


Sno Kone Machine       $65.00
additional supplies,  35 servings includes cones & syrup  $25.00


Cotton Candy Machine  $65.00

   additional supplies,  35 servings, includes cones $25.00

Pucker Powder  $65.00

additional supplies, 30 sticks or 15 necklace designs (boy or girl) with powder.

Here is your concession and your gift bag giveaway!  Includes powder and your choice of 30 pucker sticks or 15 girl necklace designs to fill and wear or 15 boy necklace designs to fill and wear. 

   AirBrush Tattoos


$75.00 hourly rate
      One Artist
      Over 200 tattoos to choose from
      Unlimited tattoos


    Pony Hops


Fun filled team building event for all ages.  Our horses are untamed and wild and sure to bring a new level of excitement to your fun.  These are as much fun to watch as they are to use.

Four Ponys for $100.00.  
3 Hour Rental Period.

Glitter Tattoo Party

Glitter Body Art is the newest rage in body designing.  Over 100 designs to choose from!  These tattoos are waterproof and will last for about one week.

  $75.00 hourly rate
      One Artist
      Over 100 tattoos to choose from
      Unlimited tattoos


          Hair Wrapping


Awesome fun for all ages.  Our artist will come to your location to provide services.  Each wrap can take anywhere from 7-13 minutes, depending on length of hair.  These wraps are truly professional quality that will last for weeks and weeks! 
In addition to the wraps they can choose to add a pendant to the wrap to personalize it even more!

$75.00 hourly rate
Generator Rentals

   $80.00 day













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