Wax Hands

KidzPlay is please to offer our customers the newest and Hottest Attraction around!

Wax hands is an activity like no other.  Your guests, no matter their age, will love making their own hand mold in wax.

It is safe, fun and exciting.  Your hand will be dipped in cold water and then warm wax until a perfect mold is mastered by our professional staff.  Then you pick the colors and the mold is yours to keep forever.  There are a variety of hand forms to make; thumbs up, peace, OK...

Each mold takes only minutes to create by our trained staff.  We do require a water source to fill our  buckets and a power source to plug our machine into.

Perfect for fundraisers, festivals, school events and birthday parties!! 

Two hour event: $299.00
Approximately 60-80 molds can be made per hour

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