Water Units

23' Tropical Fiesta Breeze

The Tropical Oasis awaits your arrival!!!  Bring this tropical theme to your next party!!   Excitement awaits as you climb all the way to the top of this huge unit and begin the slide down.  Hold on to your hat as the bump gives you some "lift" before you slide into the huge pool area below. 
Ground Area Required: 30'L x 20'W x 27'H

Hourly Rate Wet: $130.00 (minimum of two hours)
Daily Rate Wet: $475.00
Dunk Tanks

Let us help you make a "splash" at your next fundraiser, family reunion, school event, birthday party...or any event where fun is a must!

Two hour rental: $195.00
Full Day rental: $250.00
Tiki Hut Wet Combo

Tiki Tiki Tiki!!!  Bring this tropical theme to your next party!! The tropical party will never end with all the fun that can be had with this inflatable unit. There is a large bounce area to play in, an easy dual lane climb area that leads to a slide with an inflatable bottom area to splash down into.

Ground Area Required: 25'L x 18'W

Hourly Rate Wet: $85.00 (minimum of 3 hours)
Daily Rate Wet: $355.00
Fire Truck Wet Slide Combo Unit


Fire Truck Wet Slide Combo Unit.   They can bounce, they can climb AND they can slide!!!  Let their imaginations run wild with this new and exciting unit!  It is an extra large bounce house with two ladders that lead to a far-out wet slide area!!   A fun way for kidz to beat the heat!!

Ground area required:  32'L x 12'W

Hourly Rate Wet:  $85.00 (minimun of 3 hours)
Daily Rate Wet:  $355.00

19' Wave Slide

Time To Hit the Waves, 19 feet off the Ground!! 

Need to cool off on a hot Summer day?  This 19 foot wave makes this water slide a great addition to a birthday party or summer event.   This HUGE  Wave  Slide will surely be the splash of your party!

Ground area required:  35'L x 15''W x 19' H

Hourly Rate Wet: $110.00 (minimun of 3 hours)
Daily Rate Wet: $440.00

18' Purple Rush


The newest slide in our fleet of summer fun! This Purple Rush water slide is perfect for your next party.  18' feet of pure adrenaline as you slide down and land in our pool with an inflatable bottom.   Totally unique color for a totally unique party experience.

Ground area required:  33'L x 15''W x 19' H

Hourly Rate Wet: $110.00 (minimun of 3 hours)
Daily Rate Wet: $440.00


Dual lane Slip & Dip w/Landing

This is slippery, slippery, slippery!!  30 feet of slipping and sliding to your hearts content!  It is dual lane so the races are on!  Tons of fun for all ages!

Ground area required: 40'L x 12'W

Hourly Rate: $75.00 (minimum of 3 hours)
Daily Rate: $280.00
Tropical Combo Water Unit

Looking for a water unit to beat the heat, but still want more options than just the slide, this unit is for you!!  This unit is perfect for the younger kids.  This wet slide/bounce house combination unit is the best of both worlds!!!

Ground Area Requirements:  37'L x 18'W

Hourly Rate:  $85.00 (minimum 3 hours)
Daily Rate:  $355.00

Fire N Splash

The newest unit to our fleet of fun!!   18' of high speed sliding fun down into a cool pool of water.

Ground Area Required:  35'L x 15'W

Hourly Rate:  $100.00 (minimum 3 hours)
Daily Rate:  $400.00

27' Roaring Rapids Slide

Our 27' Roaring River Slide features a radical sliding angle that's sure to get the adrenaline pumping as riders scream down our 27' slide.  As if that is not enough, they then hit the beginning of a 30' slip and dip and get sprayed with water for the rest of the trip.  Finally, they splash down into a cool pool!!!  How amazing is that!!!

Ground Area Required: 60'L x 13'W x 27'H

Daily Rate Only: $600.00
Blue Crush Combo

Our first combo with DUAL LANE SLIDES!!!  This 3 in 1 combo has a bounce house area, a basketball hoop and a dual lane slide!  There is a safe inflatable bottom pool at the end.

Ground Area Requirements:  32'L x 15'W x 12'H

Hourly Rate:  $85.00 (minimum 3 hours)
Daily Rate:  $355.00
Dolphin Combo Unit

Get ready for some crazy dolphin Fun!!!  You can bounce, climb, slide and splash under the watchful eye of two beautiful dolphins.  Bounce in our large 13' x 13' bounce house, climb the interactive ladder and slide down the slippery slide to splash into the pool.  Then start it all over!  They will definitely sleep well that night!

Ground Area Requirements:  37'L x 18'W

Hourly Rate:  $85.00 (minimum 3 hours)
Daily Rate:  $355.00

Single Lane Slip & Dip w/Pool

My how times have changed!!  Slip and Slides have entered a 
whole new level of fun.  Slide down the 30' tube, all the while
getting sprayed by water and land in a pool.  What more than
sun and fun are needed to make any day brighter!!

Ground area required:  40'L X 12'W
Unit Size:  37'L X 8.5'W
X 9'H

    Hourly Rate: $70.00    (minimum 3 hours)
    Daily Rate:    $280.00
Palmetto Slide

Climbing up the back is almost as much fun as sliding down the front.  This is our 16' foot wet slide.  Tons of fun for all ages!

Ground area required:  42'L X 12'W
Unit Size:  39L X 9'W
X 16'H

Hourly Rate: $90.00 (3 hour minimum)
Daily Rate: $355.00

Dual Lane Slip & Dip w/ Pool

A dual lane slip and dip slide!! 35 feet of slide into a large pool area.  The races will continue all day to see who gets to the splash zone first!!

Ground area required:  40'L X 14'W
Unit Size:  35L X 12'W
X 9'H

Hourly Rate:  $85.00 (minimum 3 hours)
Daily Rate: $330.00

Hydro Blaster!!


 Head to Head competition set this game apart from all others.  Of course, even loosing is fun at this game!

$85.00, includes 100 balloons





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