Trackless Train


KidzPlay is proud to introduce our new Trackless Train, the KidzPlay Express!

This will be the hit for your next Birthday Party, Church Function, Corporate Picnic, Fundraising Event or even Wedding!!

  • Seats up to 18 passengers.
  • For us by all ages, adults as well as children will enjoy the ride.
  • Can travel on any flat surface (concrete, grass, gravel, etc.).
  • Safety Features:  locking doors on every train, seat belts, lights, train bell, train whistle.
  • Public Address system for announcements.
  • 26 Horse power engine
  • Fully outfitted conductor to provide  authentic ambience to the experience.
  • Each passenger train has two bench seat equipped with a lap belt.
  • All cars have speaker for music to played while you enjoy the ride.
  • Caboose car with roof.
  • Short turn radius of 16 feet.

Two Hour Train Experience, including conductor, $329.00.  Each additional hour $99.00.



Q - Where can I operate the KidzPlay Express?
A - No track is required so this train can travel anywhere!  A flat surface is definitely
      required (not much of a problem in the Low Country).

Q - How fast does it go?
A - The KidzPlay Express travels at a stealthy 5-8 mph!  Of course that depends on the surface we are riding on.  Long grass will decrease speed a bit.  We use several factors to determine our desired speed; weather conditions, size of crowd....

Q - Can I drive the train?
A -  No.  The KidzPlay Express can only be driven by our conductor.  They are specially trained on the safe and efficient operation of the train.  Of course, kids may sit in the conductor chair for photos.

Q - How many riders does the train hold?
A - 18 passengers may ride the KidzPlay Express.  That number may decrease depending on the number of adults.  Riding the train is definitely a family event, so parents are encouraged to ride with the kids.

Q - How old do you have to be the ride the train?
A - Ages infant to 100!!!!  Children under the age of 4 need to ride with an adult.

Q - How do I know if my space is big enough for your train?
A - A minimum of 100 feet long and 30 feet wide.  Our turning radius is 16 feet.  The more space the better!!

Q - Is there music or can we make announcements?
A - Yes, and yes!  You can place a disk or use your MP3 playlist on an ipod or other device.  Of course, we always have a playlist ready to go for you!

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