Pedal Go Karts

KidzPlay is proud to offer pedal powered go-karts for any event!!  Pedal Kart Racing is a circuit racing sport where four players can race each other, or teams can be created to share the driving, with each completing as many laps as chosen before handing over to the next driver.  

These are commercial go karts designed for use by kids and adults up to 225 pounds!   They are versatile and fun for all ages.

Our Pedal Go Karts come standard with many safety features built in.  All Karts have six position adjustable seats.  The extra large all terrain tires are designed for use on any surface. Heavy duty steering end connections with ball bearing to make steering easy.   There is three position pedaling, forward, reverse and back for braking.  Each Go Kart comes with a secondary hand brake.   Height range is 4'0"-6'3", ages 7 through adult.

We design a race track to suit your needs.  We use cones and banners to design the track to make it challenging and fun for everyone.

So looking for something different!  Looking for something thrilling for ALL AGES!  Look no further, this is IT!!!

                 Four Pedal Go Kart for Two Hours: $199.00 
                                                               (includes track set up)

                                                               Each Additional Hour: $80.00

                                                                Four Pedal Go Karts Full Day (six Hours): $400.00
                                                                (includes track set up and sound system)

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