Fly Guys
Want to bring some attention to your party or location, this will do it!  They stand 18' tall and wave back and forth, what a head turner!

Daily Rate Alone:  $65.00
Day Rate with another rental: $50.00
T-Rex Obstacle Course

Our T-Rex obstacle course is an exciting trek through the dense Amazon jungle. Go back in time to escape the T-Rex. The challenge will put all your skills to the test with plenty of climbing, squeezing, crawling and sliding fun. This is head to head competition!  Will you survive the challenge?!  People of all ages will love this 85-foot, criss-cross run, 360 degree, obstacle course!

Unit Size: 36′ x 25′ x 20
Ground area required:
 40′ x 30′ x 24'

Hourly Rate: $150.00*

Daily Rate (6 hours): $620.00*

S.A.F.E. Archery Skill Challenge

KidzPlay is proud to introduce our new Soft Tipped Archery game, a safe and challenging game for all ages.  The uniquely designed soft tip arrow makes this game safe for everyone, but don't be fooled, these are real bows and weighted soft tip arrows.  Players shoot these soft tip arrows and try to hit a floating ball.
Our inflatable archery game is perfect for use both indoors and out.  Each rental comes with two bows, eight soft tip arrows, inflatable frame with backdrop and four floating balls.

Ground Area Required: 10' wide, 8' tall, 10'-20' long

Hourly Rate:  $70.00*

Day Rate (6 hours): $230.00*

The Eliminator

Are you ready for this!!! Prepare yourself, you are about to have the time of your life! It is you versus your competitor, you both put on harness and are attached to a bungee. Ready, Set, Go...the first to get four ball in the basket wins. Sounds easy,...not so much!!! It is as much fun to watch as it is to play.

Ground Area Required:
37'L x 13'W

Hourly Rate: $80.00*

Daily Rate (6 hours): $375.00*

Zorb Balls

Rent Zorb balls for your next event, they are the perfect size for kids or adults. This giant inflatable human ball has a double layer perfect for Zorbing or for use as human hamster balls. The outside diameter is 10 feet and the inside diameter has 7.5 feet of clearance.
Perfect for company parties, High School Parties and is the perfect teen party rental idea! Fun to run alone with, crazy fun to race against each other in!
Once these Zorb Balls are inflated they stay inflated and the riders can climb in and out of the hole making them perfect for high volume events. These Zorb Balls must be used on grass in good condition or inside a gym or building. You cannot use these Zorbing Balls on dirt, sand, rocks, asphalt or concrete as the rough surface will damage the material.

Ground Area Required: Minimum of 30'long and 20' wide

Hourly Rate: $80.00 for one ball, 2nd ball is an additional $45.00.*

Daily Rate, six hours: (one ball): $255.00
(two balls): $335.00

A new "twist" on an old favorite!!!  Perfect for parties with large groups of mixed ages/sizes.  You roll the dice to see what foot/hand goes on what color.  Totally hilarious to watch and to play!  The inflatable platform add a "bounce" to the game to enhance the both the challenge and the entertainment in watching the game progress.  So who's the most flexible at your party!!!

Ground Area Required:  13' x 13'

Hourly Rate: $70.00*

Daily Rate (6 hours): $230.00*


Snake Pit

Snake Pit Carnival game is a game of skill, balance and timing.  Roll the ball down the red track from bumper to bumper so it doesn't fall off into the snake pit.  The further you make it, the more points you get!

    50 pounds       23" x 70.5" x 10"
Six hour rental:  $60.00
With red & white carnival skirted table : $70.00
Strike Zone

Strike Zone is bowling with Twist!  Simply spin the pin to win!!  This exciting game comes with three pucks.  Easy set up and operation for hours of fun at any carnival, festival or family reunion.

41 pounds       70.5 x 22 x 9.5
Six hour rental:  $60.00
With red & white carnival skirted table : $70.00

Frog Hop

Kids love to see this frog fly thru the air!  How good are your hopping skills, play this game to find out!  Simply land on the lily pad to win (easier said then done).  This easy to operate game comes with one rubber mallet and two flying frogs.

32 pounds       61" x 21" x 6"
Six hour rental:  $60.00
With red & white carnival skirted table : $70.00

Down With The Ducks

How good is your throwing arm?  Test your aim with a new twist on an old classic bean bag toss game.  Rental comes with 5 bean bags.

34 pounds      22" x 35.5" x 32"
Six hour rental:  $60.00
With red & white carnival skirted table : $70.00

Fun filled team building event for all ages. Our horses are untamed and wild and sure to bring a new level of excitement to your fun. These are as much fun to watch as they are to use.

Four Ponys for $100.00.
3 Hour Rental Period.

The Wrecking Ball

This is THE ULTIMATE interactive game!  Four players try to maintain their balance while standing on inflatable pedestals.  Each player tries to knock of their opponents by swinging the wrecking ball in their direction.  Last person standing is the champion.  This is a high energy game that will keep everyone entertained for hours. 

Ground Area Required:  30' x 30' x 18'tall

Hourly Rate: $100.00*

Daily Rate (6 hours): $390.00*


All Star Basketball

Check out this unique inflatable basketball game specially designed for all ages. The All Stars Game is a colorful and fun inflatable that uses mini basketballs. Partygoers will enjoy hours of fun shooting at this tough little game.  Opponents will battle it out and see who can make the most shots. Perfect for all types of parties and special events. Works especially well as a carnival booth, but very popular for sports themed backyard parties! 

Ground Area Required:
15'L x 10'W

Hourly Rate: $65.00*

Daily Rate (6 hours): $205.00*


 Wild West Shootout

Lets see who has the fastest gun on the east coast!!   Ready...Set...Draw!!!  There is a new sherrif in town and your up against the outlaws.  See if you can be a hero and save the town with this real looking scene from the old days.  Test your shooting skills by using one of the three nerf guns to shoot nerf velcro darts at the targets and score points.   This game will have everybody wanting to test their skills.  Warning it is highly addictive......This game is great for all types of parties.

Ground Area Required:
20'L x 16'W x 8'H

Hourly Rate: $80.00*

Daily Rate (6 hours): $325.00*

Spin Art
 A new twist on an old favorite! Two people get to make spin art cards or frisbees at the same time. The cards come with frames with stands to give the project a truly "finished" look. Frisbees are fun to make and use and are great take home gifts for the guests!

Double Spin Art Machine with Cards:
$60.00 Includes 30 cards and frames

Double Spin Art Machine with Frisbees:
$80.00 Includes 30 frisbees

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